Training Requirements

UCIS Training will consist of a variety of course that you must take in order to become a full-time agent. They are:


 Coures  Required Requirements 
 Weapons Training  Yes  None
 Evasive Driving and Time Trials  Yes  None
 Knowledge of Public Safety  Yes  None
 Traffic Stops and Pull Overs  No  
 Investigation Practices  Yes  Know your Knowledge of public safety
 (Urban Combat Training)  No  Must complete Weapons Training to do this course
UCO Marksmanship Academy  No   Must complete UCO Marksmanship and Weapons Training


Training Guide

Training takes place about every Saturday around 3:00PM-EST. If you can't make the training session assigned to you we can arrange a privite one. Training takes place in 3 steps.

First Is The Driving Course You must complete this course under 2 minutes and 1 second.  You must not come to the finish line with a demolished/wrecked car.  This may take a couple time to complete properly, but don't worry not everyone is going to be perfect the first time they do something.  Because remember this course is meant to put your driving skills to the test, the average time is usually 1 minute and 55 seconds with the game Crown Victoria cruiser.  You are allowed to try up to 2 times per training session.

Secound is the Shooting course this course takes place around the city From being in car pursuits to being inside buildings. You are only aloud to die two times and your only aloud 2 trys to complete each shooting course.

Third is the temper course and interagation course. If your going to be in UCIS you have to be the best of the best.