7/23/2012 Important Announcement!!!!


07-23-2012: On July 22nd, 2012 The United Clans Organization had an incident with three to four of there members. Two of those people being wittiness, I have talked to everyone there so far and as it seems both parties are at fault, CTUDirector for abuse of his powers, and S1L3NT 0V3RL0RD improper use of modifications.



4/29/2012- UCIS Launchs A full investagation on LCHL

UCIS Important Announcement! (Last Updated On 4/28/2012)


Today on 4/28/2012 A UCIS Agent picked up on a document that stated "That The Mancini Crime Family was now allied with XUGC and was helping XUGC take down any clans he could think of". One of our UCIS agents by the name of UCOAgentP Stated that not only are we going to warn all of our allies but we are also going to give ANTF a heads up just in case they are in the route of this attack.

UCO News Flash (If highlighted it has been recently Updated) 4/24/2012


   As of a week and a half ago, UCOAgentP has been cleared of all charges and added back to the UCIS Roster. This is thanks to actual diplomatic relations having to do with ANTF and UCO. Through those ties we've been able to clear his name and move on to furthering the investigation